Sunday, March 12, 2017

Study in Cyprus (Most Beautiful Study Destination)

Everyone dream about studying in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. But, there are some other countries where you will find quality education and bright future.

One of them is "Cyprus". A small island in Europe, but very beautiful and very loving local people.

Here are some reasons I recommend studying abroad in Cyprus.

1. Nobody really knows where or what it is.
How many people do you know who have studied in Madrid? Beijing? London?
Then ask yourself how many people you know who have studied in Cyprus. Probably none, right? It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience — you’ll have stories to tell for life.
2. The price of living in Cyprus is incredibly reasonable.
Unless you’re heading to fine dining and scuba diving lessons on the regular — which you totally can do in Cyprus! — you’ll spend a lot less than you would have spent studying in a major European city.
It’s easy to eat cheaply, taxis charge fairly, and once you start getting to know the locals you’ll barely pay a dime for the nightlife.
You literally have the world at your fingertips.
Europe’s to the west, Asia’s to the east, and Africa’s to the south. During my time abroad, I traveled to all three continents — a trip to Israel, a trip to Egypt, and a trip through Europe during my spring break.
3. You’ll get to experience more of one country than you could anywhere else.
Because Cyprus is so small (seriously, check it out on a map — you may have to squint), not only will you be able to experience all the touristy things, you’ll become very familiar with your surroundings and get to know the locals quickly.
After a semester in Cyprus, it’ll really start to feel like your home away from home.
4. The weather is gorgeous year-round.
I’m a California native and certified weather wimp; European winters would not have been my thing. Cyprus didn’t dip below 55 at any point during my stay, which suited me perfectly.
My east coast friends were practically crying with joy because they could work on their tans in February.
5. There’s a reason Cyprus is a vacation destination.
It’s home to some amazing beaches, and there’s something magical about that Mediterranean water. Ocean swimming, jet-skiing, banana boating, cliff diving – there are lots of ways to play in the sea.
(I spent so many weekends on the beach that back home they now call me “The Bronze Goddess.” With Capital Letters.)
6. Cypriots know how to party.
It’s safe to say that they inherited the celebratory nature of the Greeks. That’s right — Cypriots hit the club on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Not that there’s any shortage of people at the bars on Monday and Tuesday.
If you happen to go abroad during the summer, just imagine your first semester of college all over again… with Greek music, beautiful people, and large bodies of water.
7. You’ll meet people from all over the world.
There are people from all over the World. Specially from countries like USA, UK, Pakistan, India and People from African countries.

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