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Study In Australia

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With a population of 21 million people, Australia is one of the best places in the world to live whilst you study. The standard of living is amongst the highest in the world, yet costs remain competitive. During your breaks from studying, you will have a wide choice of activities to enrich your experience - from cultural festivals, concerts and museums, to major sporting events.

The benefits of living and learning in Australia are both personal and academic. Australian education has a strong international reputation for excellence. Your years in Australia will give you the best platform to succeed in your career, and prepare you for the challenges of the work place. It won't just be your mind that develops - your time in the classroom will change you as a person.
Australian universities are widely known for the quality of their teaching and research. When you study at Top Education Institute you will receive a quality education that will form a strong foundation for your future success.You will learn from teachers who are experts in their industries and who can provide you with a sound understanding of your chosen field. You’ll develop strong academic skills that can be applied to other areas and learn to think creatively and independently.


  1. Australian education system is world-wide recognized with leading universities and wide range of choices.
  2. 2nd highest concentration of international students in the world despite having a population of only 23 million.
  3. Education is provided in an economical manner.
  4. Students are allowed to work part time while they study.
  5. Being popularized in invention of new technology, Australia makes it easier for students to enhance their skills by qualitative scientific research.
  6. Australia enjoys friendly, multicultural and harmonious environment.
  7. Australia being less populated offers more job opportunities in multiple disciplines.
  8. It offers scholarship opportunities to deserving candidates

Top Universities catered by SIEC are:

  1. Australian National University: Being ranked in 19th place world-wide it is the only university created by Parliament of Australia. This university is committed to retain outstanding people and offer flexible employment options. It is highly regarded for its politics, linguistics, geography and Science courses.
  2. University Of Melbourne: Established in 1855, it is popular for providing vast range of courses. Ranked at 42nd place in the world, it aims in providing education in the field of accounting, psychology and medicine.
  3. University of Sydney: It is Australia’s first university founded in 1850. It is a public research university which is specialized in providing wide range of academic programs. Popular courses include Agriculture and Environmental studies, Engineering and Project Management, Arts, humanities and Media Studies etc.
  4. University of Queensland: Founded in 1909 it is primarily located in Brisbane and is the oldest university in Queensland. Having an experienced staff, world class facilities, it ranks in the 46th place in world ranking. It provides courses like Arts & Humanities, Business & Management, Engineering & Technology, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences etc.
  5. Monash University: Ranked at 67th place, it is popularized in providing  globally renowned education in an effective and effective manner. It is one of the Australia’s leading universities and serves as a home to majority of research facilities. Popular courses include Art, design and Architecture, information technology, law, medicine, science etc.

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